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In an effort to avoid any sort of standard advertising on this site, I have embedded a tiny bit of JavaScript from Coinhive. By using the user interface below, you will be donating CPU cycles to the Monero Network, and your browser will be mining XMR for me. The longer you let this run, the more XMR is generated in my favor. Thank You!

I will be using this as a “paywall” for certain semi-restricted content. To access or download this premium content, you’ll just have to let the miner run a bit and then you’ll be given a download link or be sent to the premium content. I haven’t implemented it yet, but I think this is a really clever way to avoid those annoying blinking epilepsy-inducing banner ads that we’ve all grown accustomed to (unless we use an adblocker like uMatrix).

For more info, check out Coinhive.


Examples of legitimate Coinhive usage:

A few mashtracks I made a while back when I had time for such things.

Click Here for autostart page (<— The miner autostarts at full throttle on this page, mostly meant as a test. Click with extreme caution!)

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