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The work of Clifford Carnicom and Carnicom Institute is in need of a technical-to-layman translator. The work is solid, but is also very thick and hard to grok for the avearage web-surfer. Therefore, I have been called forth to start a regular blog to decipher the work in a way that the “unwashed masses” can appreciate. Expect a regular audio podcast soon, possible video uploads, many posts regarding the Carnicom Institute Legacy Project in general, since I am the main technician (whereas Clifford is the main content provider).

Also, I am interested in many other things that may or may not fit under the umberella of Carnicom Institute, so I have started my own independed blog in case I branch off in directions not appropriate for the CILP in general. Those topics may include but are not limited to: {Software Libre & GNU+Linux (specifically the FreeSlack distro, soon to be renamed possibly), Hardware Libre & EOMA68, Cryptocurrencies (such as Monero) and related projects (such as Kovri), Ancient Aliens & related topics}. I needed a place to discuss these on my own terms, in my own words. The list of categories will grow without bound as long as this site is alive.


  • This site emphasizes, above all else, the absolute importance of first-hand experience over all other forms of knowledge. In other words, what I’ve seen witih my own eyes will always win out over what someone else says or what I read in a book. Always. These are my opinions, this is what I have observed (hence the TLD). You cannot argue with my first-hand experience. It is what it is. The theory must be molded to match the experience, not the other way around. Here, we prioritize empirical results and observations over theoretical musings without exception.

  • I am a fully ordained and practicing minister in the Church of the SubGenius. So, expect a lot of stuff to seem ridiculous at first glance. That is, unless you’ve seen the way of “Bob”. Then everything will make PERFECT sense, as we approach X-day.

  • I accept cryptocurrency donations via the ShapeShift Shifty Button. To show how much you care, donate by clicking on the “Crypto” link in the footer. Thank you for your support. For those who do not have any cyrptocurrency to donate, please consider visiting my CoinHive page an donating a few CPU cycles at least. If you insist on donating $USD, then check out my new Liberapay profile.

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